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Temporarily Depleted Starlyf Smokefree grill

Starlyf Smokefree Grill is the indoor barbecue grill with real stoneware cooking surface, for better flavor and even cooking. It is the way to enjoy grilling season all year long because we brought the fun of grilling inside and left the smoke and the mess outside. It’s the fast, fun, easy and smoke-free way to grill indoors whenever you want.

A Special Electric Grill
Starlyf Smokefree Grill is electric. So there’s no messy charcoal and no gas tanks to refill. So, now it’s grilling time anytime and anywhere you want. With the StarLyf Smoke Free Grill, the grilling grate is the heat source, so the drippings fall all the way down to the always cool drip pan below. Since it’s not hot, there’s no flare-ups and no fire, and no smoke. And with the real stoneware cooking surface, it holds the heat in so it cooks evenly and gives food a great sear that seals in all the flavor..

Food Cooks Better and Tastes Better !
Starlyf Smokefree Grill has a baked-on, real stoneware surface that gives you even heating across the entire surface, just like cooking on those expensive grilling stones. The entire grilling grate heats up at the same time, so food cooks better and tastes better. Use the handy temperature control to dial in the perfect temperature, performance and flavor. And no matter what you throw on this grill, nothing scratches it, not even metal utensils because it has an ultra-thick, super durable non-stick stoneware coating. And nothing sticks to this grill, not even this sticky ketchup sticks to the grate. There is no cleanup. No more nasty grill cleanups or scraping the grate.

Smoke Free Indoor Barbecue Grill
Starlyf Smoke Free Indoor Grill means that all the fat and the drippings drip away from the heat source, down to the always cool drip pan, which means no smoke, no flare-ups. Now that’s clean, convenient and smoke free grilling you’re going to love.

- Stone Coating (30x25 cm)
- Adjustable thermostat
- Detachable connector
- Removable fat tray
- Cooking area:1250W
- No Smoke
- Dishwasher safe

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Starlyf Smokefree grill

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