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Natural juice of Organic Greek Aloe in 1lt gel - Blueberry

Natural juice of Organic Greek Aloe in 1lt gel - Blueberry
Natural juice of Organic Greek Aloe in 1lt gel - Blueberry
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Bilberry is often referred to by many experts as the miraculous plant of youth but also as a "guardian" of our health, as it has multiple benefits for the body. Bilberries are rich in antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and B-carotene, sugars, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, inorganic acids, minerals, pectin and fiber. Current studies on their benefits focus on the management and regulation of diabetes, their antioxidant activity, anti-aging (protects against neurodegenerative diseases), cancer prevention (helps prevent the formation of cancer cells, and) in the health of vision and in the improvement of the urinary system. The innovative combination with the drinking aloe vera of Kaloe, Barbadensis Miller variety, creates a product unique in quality but also good for the human body as we mix the above benefits of bilberry together with the innumerable active ingredients of the drinking aloe. Kaloe's drinking aloe vera provides the body with stimulation, well-being and energy, helps prevent and fight stomach and intestinal disorders, regulates cholesterol and sugar levels, detoxifies the body from accumulated toxins, and fights against inflammation. and muscles.

Recommended dosage: Three (3) tablespoons in the morning before eating and 3 in the afternoon again before eating. In people with diabetes, as it is already necessary, it is recommended to measure blood sugar daily.

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