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Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone

Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
Total Abs - Advanced EMS Zone
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The amazing passive abdominal fitness band that works out all abdominal groups and deep muscles at the same time without any effort.

With only 10 minutes a day, for quick and spectacular results in the comfort of your own home. It has 6 workouts and 10 intensity levels so it is suitable for all fitness levels. It is discreet and can be worn even under the clothes.

Use it while cooking, doing homework, reading, watching TV or working and losing points.

It does 600 contractions in just 10 minutes. It improves posture and eliminates back pain. Create the body you want and regain your lost confidence.

Along with Total Abs and the fast computer with 6 programs and 10 volume levels, you'll get a diet guide and achievement chart for faster results.


1) Carry bag to take the Total Abs belt with you everywhere.

2) A zone of precision targeting to target biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves and thighs and to help you eliminate cellulite.

1 year warranty

The product has CE

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