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Amazing Thermo is the new super-insulated glass that will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drink hot for up to 12 hours.It is made of stainless steel, without BPA, has a double thermo-ceramic coating inside, and double external insulation.Holds up to 500 ml of liquid that does no..
The infrared thermometer measures the body temperature of children and adults easily and quickly with accuracy and without contact, which makes it 100% healthy.Place the thermometer on the forehead or ear and after a while you can read the measurement result. It has an automatic shut-off function to..
Dual Biactive D-Tox is a nutritional supplement of a natural origin with a mixture of probiotic natural ingredients (onion, aloe leaf, burdock, digestive enzymes, banana seeds and extracts of dandelion, marzipan, fennel and artichoke). It helps to detoxify the body, improve digestive function and re..
Brand: Helix
A 100% herbal product for skin imperfections such as dryness, itching, rashes. It even relieves mosquito bites. Some of its ingredients are: snail gel, sea buckthorn, Manuka oil, calendula, aloe vera, olive oil, eucalyptus, lavender, almond oil, rosemary, orange peel, peppermint oil etc. It does not..
Helix Original - Nutrition Supplement for Joints Helix Original - Nutrition Supplement for Joints
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Brand: Helix
Helix Original is a food supplement to relieve joint pain naturally. Contains allantoin that restores joints and ligaments with an effect analgesic , snail protein that heals and heals cells and boswellia. One of the main foods is Allantoin, a protein that comes from the snail with healing an..
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NUVUE Innovative sunglasses NUVUE Innovative sunglasses
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To see everything clearly and without annoying reflections and not to take off your sunglasses when you go indoors, now came the original NUVUE sunglasses.NUVUE sunglasses have polarized lenses with UV 400 protection, which help to block out dangerous UVA and UVB rays, reduce shine and blur, making ..
The new magnifying glasses with built-in LED lights, with which you will see everything cleaner, bigger and brighter even in low light conditions. Power Zoom Max achieves instant magnification of up to 160% and the built-in LED lights you will be able to see every little detail even in the dark.You ..
IngredientsPomegranateTurmericFlaxPumpkinNettle15 moreHow Prostaphytol capsules workThe polyphenols from the pomegranate dock onto the inner walls of the prostate where they activate their anti-inflammatory effects become active. When the prostate returns to a normal size range, you will f..
Do you feel tired and exhausted?Have you noticed that endurance has decreased as you get older? Has all this started to affect your personal life as well?You may need a helping hand to restore your vitality and energy!The formula Prostaphytol Vigor Plus contains many ingredients that help the body c..
Give an end to the pain of the back and joints because of poor posture with Active reliefs pain from the bottom, middle and top of the back.Muscle pain, sciatica, scoliosis, poor circulation.Royal Posture corrects posture and aligns the spine.The ergonomic design is based on magnetotherap..
The Steam-O-Power device easily disinfects your clothes, bags, shoes, masks, so you do not bring germs and bacteria into your home.It is iron and steam cleaner! It goes over buttons and pockets, and creases in pants in less than a minute. The Steam-O-Power device has a revolutionary and innovative t..
Traditional suction cup therapy has a very long and widespread history, it is an effective traditional medical method that has contributed to the treatment of several diseases since it was treated, several centuries ago in China along with acupuncture!This device comes to replace the traditional met..
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