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Anti Vibration Washing Machine Pads (Pack of 4)
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​Easy to install - Just install under the feet of a washing machine or dryer, no tool or messy adhesive is required. After installation, your furniture and home appliances raised by a few centimeters for convenient cleaning and preventing moisture.Multi-applications - This is an anti-vibration &..
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An automatic soap container to automatically avoid germs ... With a simple movement in front of the sensor, it will take out the required amount of soap, without touching the handle of the container!Characteristics:The automatic soap dish works with a motion sensor and is the perfectly hygienic way ..
Ideal for use in the bathroom or on stairs for people with mobility difficulties.It is installed in seconds by simply placing it on any smooth surface and pressing the safety switch.Offers solid support.No holes or screws needed to install the handle.It fastens securely and prevents accidents in the..
An innovative, easy-to-use mop with a double bucket. One for washing and one for squeezing, without stirring the water.It is lightweight and its 360° rotating design and articulated head allow it to reach anywhere. In the corners, in the plasterboard, under and between the furniture.It has 2 microfi..
In the cleaning and disinfection of the house the steam is the key to success! This is the basic principle on which the Cleanica 360 Steam Cleaner was designed.Neutralizes 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals!This is a device that will replace all other devices in cleaning..
Do you spin during your sleep? Do you snore? Are you anxious and can not easily fall asleep? Do you wake up caught and tired? If the answer is yes, do not worry. There is a solution that will give you a refreshing and restful sleep.Did you know that many of the muscle aches and pains we suffer from ..
ECO Sweeper 3-in-1 manual vacuum cleaner for all surfaces ECO Sweeper 3-in-1 manual vacuum cleaner for all surfaces
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Cleans easily, quickly, and most of all efficiently, without power, without battery, without even needing a farmer!It fits perfectly into the corners, picking up trash even from the most difficult spots.It is easy to clean under the furniture.And all in just one pass without making any marks!IDEAL F..
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Floating Mop Electric Rechargeable Mop With Swivel Cleaning Pads Floating Mop Electric Rechargeable Mop With Swivel Cleaning Pads
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Upgrade your cleaning habits at home and gain fresh air of confidence in your daily chores. The Wireless Rotating Mop Floating Mop will offer you great comfort and flexibility of movements, as it is ergonomically designed and specially designed in order to simplify and accelerate the cleaning of eve..
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Grip Tape - Reusable Silicone Tape 3cm x 2m Grip Tape - Reusable Silicone Tape 3cm x 2m
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Powerful transparent double sided silicone tape that you can reuse! You can glue, hang or fasten anything on any surface.Ideal solution for decoration, to support mobile phones, gps, remote controls and your carpets, so they do not slip.Pull the protective tape, stick it and hang on it any object yo..
HandyLux Color ClickWireless, light and flexible to useNo drilling and screwing requiredWith energy-saving LEDs in 12 different colorsIdeal for lighting stairs, cupboards, kitchens and much more.Incl. Timer and practical remote controlSafe touch surface: lamp never gets hotThe ORIGINAL from TV!If yo..
Homevero Wireless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 HV-24269 Homevero Wireless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 HV-24269
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Brand: Homevero
HomeVero utilizes all its know-how in the field of cleaning and applying its high standards of aesthetics, provides every household with quality and easy-to-use products that will facilitate the daily work of your home. The Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1 with HEPA filter is a practical tool that wil..
Brand: Homevero
Instant Table Pro Folding Table HomeveroImagine how convenient it would be to have a small table with you everywhere. You could eat, continue your work, rest the necessary items on it or whatever you want. Stop imagining it. Homevero made it a reality. The Instant Table Pro Folding Table has arrived..
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