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StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system

StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
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StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
StarLyf Self-cleaning mop system
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How many times have the housework and especially the sponge exhausted your patience and pushed you to the edge? How many times have you had to wash your hands to clean your mop and move on to the rest of the room? Undoubtedly, moping is one of the most tedious and time-consuming chores in the house.

But rest assured, Starlyf takes care to make your life easier by making sponge play. The Starlyf Self-Cleaning Mop System promises to turn daily mop into your most enjoyable routine!

You will never get dirty again!

Forget what you knew about the sponge and let the automatic cleaning and drying system surprise you. Clean the room you want and when the mop gets dirty, place it in the bucket's special WASH compartment to immediately remove dust, hair and all dirt. Your mop is strikingly clean. Then slip it into the DRY chamber to dry for a minute and get ready for the next room. It will absorb up to the last drop. Your job is done on the go, without having to get your hands dirty.

Get the most results with the least effort!

The smart, rotating 360O head penetrates even the most inaccessible points and the most demanding corners for lasting effective cleaning. In addition, its low profile helps it to penetrate easily under all furniture and absorb dust even in areas you don't see.

Does not hesitate even on the most demanding surfaces with the most stubborn stains!

Its enhanced composition with improved, absorbent microfibers responds to any kind of surface: wood, tile, marble, canvas, laminate, granite and everything else you can imagine. Effectively cleans even the toughest stains, while not forgiving liquids and syrups. Use it even to clean the skirting board. See your windows and mirrors shine and give your bathroom the cleanliness and shine it deserves easily and quickly.

Ideal for dining areas.


• WASH & DRY double chamber bin

• Self cleaning system

• Touch less cleaning

• Dive, clean and dry!

• 360o rotating head

• Easy to store

• Suitable for wood, tile, marble, tarpaulin, laminate, granite etc.

• Bucket capacity: 2.7lt

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