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HIGH POWER LIGHTING - The high-lumen 1200 Lumens LED makes the lens 10 times brighter than the old incandescent lenses.Easily illuminates an entire room or focuses on objects up to 300 meters away!Works for hours with a rechargeable USB lithium-ion battery. (Batteries included).PREMIUM REAL SAFETY L..
Ez Jet Water Cannon Ez Jet Water Cannon
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EZ Jet Water Cannon Look! Out in the driveway, around the side of your house, even on your patio. Dirt and dryness encroach from every side. Arm yourself with this powerful water cannon and fight them back. It's the perfect weapon in your quest to conquer clean.What You Get1 EZ Jet W..
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The film is particularly strong, suitable to seal every hole and crack. It is waterproof and can be used in glass, plastic, porcelain, dry or wet. The film is flexible and flexible so that it can even insulate pipes. It is made of rubber and is 10 cm wide. The film can be set at temperatures fro..
Damaged bolts, plumbing problems, radiator leaks, dripping taps? You do not need to contact a technician or carpenter, all you need is the right key. The Megabite Wrench is the ultimate key system that automatically adjusts to the shape and size of each screw. You don't have to carry your heavy too..
Car Repair Kit POPS-A-DENTPops-A-Dent lets you fix your car dents yourself! You don't have to pay for it in gold. Save money on a professional as the effectiveness of Pops-A-Dent is the same.We have the easiest and most economical solution, with a guaranteed result that will save you from running a ..
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The Sew Whiz is the mini portable sewing machine, to repair tears, seams, pockets or hems, quickly and economically.It is so small and light that it will suit you incredibly. It combines the perfect quality of large sewing machines and the practicality of its small size.Ideal for all fabrics. From s..
Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1 Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1
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If we open the drawer with the handy items in our kitchen, it is almost certain that we will find many different lenses inside. But most of them are damaged or malfunctioning. Isn't that almost always the case?Discard all useless lenses and get one and only one that will guarantee you quality, l..
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