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What more Organic from the Wild created!Kaloe is always a pioneer, it was the first to create a global patent for Organic Aloe Cultivation with Wild Crocus Extract.Kaloe's collaboration with the Greek company Alzheimer's (with the president Mrs. Magdalini Tsolaki) in combination with the cli..
Give an end to the pain of the back and joints because of poor posture with Active reliefs pain from the bottom, middle and top of the back.Muscle pain, sciatica, scoliosis, poor circulation.Active Posture corrects posture and aligns the spine.The ergonomic design is based on magnetothera..
Age Fit - Face Serum for instant facelift 1+1 Gift Age Fit - Face Serum for instant facelift 1+1 Gift
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The new serum directly corrects expression lines, wrinkles, eye bags and makes you look up to 10 years younger in 60΄΄. Its secret lies in its exclusive formula that increases the volume of the skin and reduces the bags under the eyes for an impeccable temporary effect that lasts all day. Tigh..
Change your lifestyle, drinking daily Greek Aloe Vera.With 99% pure aloe2-3 tablespoons aloe change your immune system, ideal for detoxification. Full of vitamins, trace minerals. The miraculous plant, gift of nature, elixir youth health - wellness - longevity.Strengthens the body in each case:- Cli..
Natural with biological sugar product with rich antioxidant and nutritional abilities.Blueberries are for the first time produced in Greece. The Agricultural Cooperative of Organic Farmers in Drama cultivates, produces and standardizes the Blueberries since 2007. Source of eternal youth, slow down a..
Berries bilberry.DescriptionSugar-free natural product with rich antioxidant and nutritional properties Suitable for diabetics as it contains glucosides which are particularly effective in treating diabetes.Blueberries are first produced in Greece. The Drama Farmers' Cooperative in Drama..
Capilarine - Hair loss treatment - 90 day program Capilarine - Hair loss treatment - 90 day program
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The hair follicle is the fastest growing tissue in our body. Therefore in the event of any malfunction the hair growth is affected or even stopped. We know that the number of hair follicles we have at birth remains constant throughout our lives. This number may decrease, but it can never increase. I..
This amazing cream made of snail gel, which has unique regenerative properties, regenerates skin cells, reduces wrinkles, stretch marks and scars created from cuts, burns or pimples, achieving a flawless skin.Snail gel, naturally produces glycolic acid that acts as an effective peeling, removing dea..
PRODUCT DETAILSThis food preservation tray keeps food fresh & 100% bacteria-free by applying creative buckle design to seal & lock tightly without overflowing.Adopting advanced elastic film, this tray performs excellent resistance to any pressure and puncture to achieve high d..
HIGH POWER LIGHTING - The high-lumen 1200 Lumens LED makes the lens 10 times brighter than the old incandescent lenses.Easily illuminates an entire room or focuses on objects up to 300 meters away!Works for hours with a rechargeable USB lithium-ion battery. (Batteries included).PREMIUM REAL SAFETY L..
Contour Power Bed Mattress Lift Adjustable up to 65 cm.Do you spin during your sleep? Do you snore? Are you anxious and can not easily fall asleep? Do you wake up caught and tired? If the answer is yes, do not worry. There is a solution that will give you a refreshing and restful sleep.Did you know ..
CozyHoodie - Velvet Oversized Blouse - Blanket CozyHoodie - Velvet Oversized Blouse - Blanket
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Velvet Oversized Blouse - CozyHoodie BlanketWe all know how intolerable and horrible it is to feel cold inside your own home. You cannot relax and relax in your own space. On the other hand, the higher the temperature in the radiators, the higher the bill. While the heat they offer is lost dir..
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