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Natural sugar-free product with rich antioxidant and nutritional abilities Suitable for diabetics as well as the glucosides it contains are particularly effective in the treatment of diabetes.Blueberries are for the first time produced in Greece. The Agricultural Cooperative of Organic Farmers i..
Oral supplement with aloe    For the joints    With collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and vitamin C    With sweetener from the stevia plant.Kaloe Kinisis Vital Plus is an oral nutritional supplement for the joints with aloe, collag..
Mag Vision Glasses with Magnifying Lenses 1 + 1
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How many times did you go to read the news in the newspaper, but the small letters did not allow you to? How many times did you go through the thread through the needle, but your eyesight did not help? And what happens when a message arrives on the cell phone? Has this little screen become a nightma..
MAGIC MESH Hands-Free magnetic screen door! Let the fresh air in and keep annoying bugs out. Now with easier one panel installation, no tools are required. It opens easily and then instantly closes itself behind you using 18 powerful magnets. Screen Door fits standard single doors, sliding doors, RV..
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Damaged bolts, plumbing problems, radiator leaks, dripping taps? You do not need to contact a technician or carpenter, all you need is the right key. The Megabite Wrench is the ultimate key system that automatically adjusts to the shape and size of each screw. You don't have to carry your heavy too..
Although for you, heating means increased power bills, heavy and bulky appliances, dangerous and long cables, guess ... you need to review immediately. Molino Mini Portable Ceramic Heater leaves in the past everything you traditionally knew about heating.Small, lightweight and easy to use. All you h..
Blueberries natural dietary supplement made from 100% dried bilberry powder Myrtilo is collected from a plantation in Drama, which covers 40 acres and the organic farming rules apply. The producer group is controlled and certified in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EEC) 2092/91 (org..
ALOE WITH CHIOS MASTICIt helps in the prevention, rehabilitation and alleviation of many different diseases, acting in particular against diseases of the digestive system. It contributes to wound healing, skin regeneration and anti-aging, has significant antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer..
By combining aloe with lemon and its corresponding actions, as it is a natural extract and not a pigment addition, the juice retains all the beneficial properties that aloe has, without consuming or distorting them, while they are also added. those of lemon. Lemon has plenty of vitamin C, while in a..
The nutrients of strawberry "tie" perfectly with those of aloe, enhancing the already many and well-known benefits of aloe. Strawberry has antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cardiotonic properties thanks to its high content of phenols, as well as vitamins A and C. It also has a benefici..
Nicer Dicer - Vegetable and Fruit Cutter with 14 Different Cutting Tools Nicer Dicer - Vegetable and Fruit Cutter with 14 Different Cutting Tools
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Cut fruits and vegetables right now !!! Don't postpone the healthiest meals just because they are time-consuming and boring. The cutter will cut vegetables and rub cheese ... easy!Vegetables and fruits are essential components of a balanced daily diet. And if you find it difficult to clean and cut, ..
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Multi-ovenCooking bucket made of fireproof tempered glassStainless steel resistorIt cooks up to 60% faster than conventional ovensCapacity 12L + 5L using the capacity increase ringUniform baking due to air circulationTimer 60min..
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