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Terms of use for customer reviews

These Terms of Use regarding customer reviews, a service of

Not related to the whole website, which has its own Terms of Use.

Submitting your evaluation and presentation on, you agree and warrant that: The content of the display is your own creation and is copyright Three The presentation does not contain abusive, religious or racist comments, insults to other members of and third reviews, discussions on pirated software, illegal activities or deliberate abuse of the guarantee and the conditions for use Your writings concerning the product evaluation, not reported in the pricing of the product and is not misleading or constitute a deliberate defamation of The presentation does not include email addresses, personal information to third parties, telephone numbers, links to shops, malicious websites or content sites that are not related to the product presentation No post multiple identical presentations (spamming) You agree that (including all executives, employees and company partners) are not responsible for any legal or non-issue, a natural or legal person, arisen as a result of ignoring these Terms. For each presentation and evaluation will submit, give in full ownership of this material to copy, modify, delete entirely, adopt, publish, translate, use in any electronic or printed form sell, without a copyright on it. Each presentation and evaluation can be used as judge The has the inalienable right to alter, amend or delete any form of material that will be published in and subpages, if it finds that its content is abuse of these Terms of Use . The not guarantee that you will always have the ability to modify or delete the material uploaded via However, the has the right to remove or refuse the publication of an evaluation for any reason. Writing a review on acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the writings, not the

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