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Facial Treatment

To start saving with no suffer, no irritations, no cuts.Power Max Gold is portable and gives you perfect results every time, fast and easy.Its innovative Wet & Dry technology allows you to use it both dry and wet. In addition, it works with or without shaving foam.Its double swivel head it adjus..
Sani Skin is a formula that gets rid of skin tags.Benefits:Removes skin tags (small, soft bumps on the skin; usually on eyelids, neck, and armpits) Safe, painless, quick Doesn’t leave any scars Works on all skin types, even the most sensitiveFeatures:Natural plant extra..
A unique product to look younger up to 10 years, on the neck, décolleté, arms, arms and legs with visible results from the first application.The anti-aging body system TNS LIFT 60 for relaxed skin, gives you smoother, firmer, younger skin and natural glow. This 2-step system turns aging skin into vi..
Velform Brows Velform Brows
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The Velform Brows is a special epilator which causes the wenbrauwen safe and painless be trimmed. Many times have you hours in front of the mirror trying with just a pair of tweezers which not only hurts but what also still very time consuming. In addition you can with tweezers very difficult to..
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