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Age Fit - Face Serum for instant facelift 1+1 Gift Age Fit - Face Serum for instant facelift 1+1 Gift
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The new serum directly corrects expression lines, wrinkles, eye bags and makes you look up to 10 years younger in 60΄΄. Its secret lies in its exclusive formula that increases the volume of the skin and reduces the bags under the eyes for an impeccable temporary effect that lasts all day. Tigh..
This amazing cream made of snail gel, which has unique regenerative properties, regenerates skin cells, reduces wrinkles, stretch marks and scars created from cuts, burns or pimples, achieving a flawless skin.Snail gel, naturally produces glycolic acid that acts as an effective peeling, removing dea..
ELLEZZA® - Extract of Snail-ProteinELLEZZA® - Extract of Snail-Protein - a little animal is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics!* without any side effect* removes spots and blackheads* prevention of skin-irritations, burns and redness* assists cell regenerationA recently discovered essence, produ..
To start saving with no suffer, no irritations, no cuts.Power Max Gold is portable and gives you perfect results every time, fast and easy.Its innovative Wet & Dry technology allows you to use it both dry and wet. In addition, it works with or without shaving foam.Its double swivel head it adjus..
Sani Skin is a formula that gets rid of skin tags.Benefits:Removes skin tags (small, soft bumps on the skin; usually on eyelids, neck, and armpits) Safe, painless, quick Doesn’t leave any scars Works on all skin types, even the most sensitiveFeatures:Natural plant extra..
Velform Brows Velform Brows
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The Velform Brows is a special epilator which causes the wenbrauwen safe and painless be trimmed. Many times have you hours in front of the mirror trying with just a pair of tweezers which not only hurts but what also still very time consuming. In addition you can with tweezers very difficult to..
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