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Helix Crem Soothing cream for joints

Helix Crem Soothing cream for joints
Helix Crem Soothing cream for joints
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Pain, stiffness, swelling? Stop suffering needlessly!

Helix Crem is the natural solution for an effective massage with a calming effect, improving the tone and general condition of the body. Before and after daily activities or before and after intense or moderate sports activity. 100% natural formula without cortisone.

The healing properties of the snail have been known since ancient times. Snail secretion extract is used in the production of many industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Helix Crem consists of a specially created formula, combined with snail protein, vitamins, arnica, boswellia. This perfect combination of active herbal ingredients helps relieve severe pain and discomfort. It has an immediate calming effect and a long-lasting effect, in all joint and muscle problems. Soothes sensitive joints, prevents muscle cramps, reduces swelling and edema due to exercise.


✔️ Snail protein extract – extremely rich in allantoin, which nourishes the joints, as well as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – the best friends of active movement without discomfort.

✔️ 3 active anti-inflammatory ingredients – arnica, known for its soothing effect on swelling, ragweed (devil's claw) which has a rapid effect on cartilage, tendons and ligaments and boswellia, which has a beneficial effect on muscle health.

✔️ 3 active analgesics with immediate action – essential oils of hemp, sweet orange and lemon, known for their strong soothing effect.

✔️ 2 extremely useful vitamins – vitamin C, which contributes to the natural formation of collagen and nourishes cartilage function, and vitamin B2, which protects cells from oxidative stress.

Do not miss the opportunity for an active everyday life without pain, heaviness and fatigue. With the help of Helix Crem you will forget the difficulty of getting out of bed or chair. The cream will transform your everyday life and turn limited movement into a pale memory. Thanks to its natural formulation without cortisone, which penetrates deeply, you will enjoy an immediate calming effect and a long-lasting effect.

Content: 100 ml


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