New Paint Runner -  Paint system

The easy way to paint quickly and without mess 
as professionals.Simply fill the Paint Runner Pro with the colour 
you want, close the lid and start. 
The internal system mixes and distributes paint 
accurately and uniformly without effort.The new fiber technology 
on its external surface, gives a perfect result every time.
No drips, splashes and it cleans easy.Simply fill 
with running water and rinse. 

The set includes: 
1.The Paint Runner Pro roller
2.One handy tray to attach Paint Runner Pro 
3.One container for the color 
4.The small Paint Runner Pro roller for tips and trim 
5.One paint tool for difficult areas such behind 
6.EOne paint tool for the corners 

Shipping costs € 5,90

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Paint Runner - Paint system

Shipping Cost 4,90€

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