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Instant Table Pro

Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
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Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
Instant Table Pro
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Instant Table Pro Folding Table Homevero

Imagine how convenient it would be to have a small table with you everywhere. You could eat, continue your work, rest the necessary items on it or whatever you want. Stop imagining it. Homevero made it a reality. The Instant Table Pro Folding Table has arrived to make your life easier.

This folding table for laptop and not only, is light and easy to use with a special, smart shape that helps it glide easily in any part of the living room, such as under the sofa, armchair, bed or wherever you want.

You can adjust the height and the angle you want, to reach the desired point of the bed or any other furniture you want. Adjustable to 3 different angles and 6 different heights for your ultimate convenience and comfort. It will be like having 18 different tables!

Enjoy your breakfast at the table without the risk of soiling the sheets. Its special raised edge does not allow any liquid to spill out of the table. Write your homework while sitting in the armchair without having to move your bulky and heavy tables. Let your children watch movies on their tablet or laptop without fear, as it has a special slot to support your tablet or mobile phone.

Read your favorite book, sew, paint and do your crafts without committing to a specific space.

It folds very easily in the turn-off and is stored without taking up any space. Store it under the bed, in the closet or anywhere else you want. It is extremely light during transport.

Withstands up to 25 kg.

Dimensions: Depth 42cm, Height 21-70cm, Width 51cm

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