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Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine

Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
Sew Whiz - Mini Sewing Machine
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The Sew Whiz is the mini portable sewing machine, to repair tears, seams, pockets or hems, quickly and economically.

It is so small and light that it will suit you incredibly. It combines the perfect quality of large sewing machines and the practicality of its small size.

Ideal for all fabrics. From soft silk to hard leather. Forget hand sewing. It is time consuming and is done with imperfections. Sew Whiz sews perfectly in a straight line, in a curve, even special designs. If you are in a hurry, use the direct use button.

Just press it and sew on the spot. Works with batteries not included, to sew even on the terrace. Perfect for curtains, ideal for decorating pillowcases, making festive crafts and costumes for children. You will get the pedal for free for precision speed, 64 reels and bobbins with a wide variety of colors.

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