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SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift

SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
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SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
SLAP CHOP + Graty Gift
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Preparing meals has never been easier!

Now with Slap Chop, you slice or chop everything in just a few seconds. It cuts vegetables, fruits, and even nuts. Hitting the plunger once brings down 3 blades that slice what you have placed below. The more you hit it, the finer the pieces come out. So you don't have to change the blades depending on how big or small you want the food you are preparing. You simply adjust it, depending on the number of hits. It is easy to clean because it opens in two with one move.

Prepare salads, fruit salads, sprinkle nuts for your sweets, ice cream garnish and much more.

Along with the Slap Chop you will get Graty, a unique device that scrubs cheese quickly and easily.

Simply place pieces of cheese into the Graty and, with a twist of the head, you will have grated cheese directly on your plate.

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