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Star Shower Slide Show

Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
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Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
Star Shower Slide Show
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Create your own laser show and impress inside and outside the house!

The top laser device on the market has 4 different Christmas designs that can be displayed in green or red & green, moving or staying fixed. Lots of choices to delight both young and old and create the ultimate festive atmosphere in your home or cottage.

Avoid the hassle and expense of decorating trees with lights. You simply select the appropriate image with the button and the tree fills with light. It is suitable for viewing projects both inside and outside the house as it has a stand and stake. This way you can easily and quickly light up the trees in your yard!

And when the sun comes up, don't worry for a moment: the Star Shower Laser Magic has a light sensor and automatically switches on / off.

It is the detail that will change the Christmas celebrations and every party or celebration throughout the year. Choose the glittering image and enjoy atmospheric nights even in the summer on your patio or balcony.

It also includes 2 Halloween images: display ghosts and bats and surprise everyone!

Its state-of-the-art technology makes it durable and powerful to deliver bright and powerful light in all weather conditions.

No installation required and easy activation: You put the appropriate stand for indoor or outdoor, plug it in and decorate your home with striking lighting.

2 color options: Green - Red & Green
6 images: 4 with Christmas images + 2 with Halloween images
Choice of moving or fixed drawing of drawings
Automatic on / off light sensor
Adjustable viewing angle
2 bases for use outdoors or indoors
Resistant to all weather conditions
It covers more than 300m2
Easy assembly
Suitable for Outdoor & Indoor


Power supply: 220V AC

Maximum power output: 1mW

Wavelength: 532-650nm

Operating temperatures: -35 ° C to 40 ° C

See the instructions for use HERE.

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