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Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1

Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1
Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1
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Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1
Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1
Stark Light Multipurpose Torchlight1 + 1
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If we open the drawer with the handy items in our kitchen, it is almost certain that we will find many different lenses inside. But most of them are damaged or malfunctioning. Isn't that almost always the case?

Discard all useless lenses and get one and only one that will guarantee you quality, long-term use. The Stark Light Reusable Lens will make day and night for you. It is equipped with the advanced technology of military systems, used in the Special Forces.

It is extremely reliable and powerful with a brightness of 5000lux - 40 times stronger than an ordinary lens.
It is incredibly durable, having undergone the most extreme endurance tests and succeeded. It can withstand a heavy load on it and in falls of many meters.
It is waterproof and therefore suitable for use in water activities, such as fishing, or in humid environments.
It is equipped with 6 different lighting functions: Very bright, Medium intensity, Low intensity, Flash function, SOS function, Zoom function. Focuses and expands with a simple movement.

In addition to a simple lens, it can become a powerful defensive weapon, which will protect you from unwanted. Activate the flash function and target the attacker in the eyes. This way, you will be able to blur his vision and make him dizzy. Necessary for self-defense.

The large telescopic beam it emits can illuminate up to the entire stadium. Its light is visible from 3700 meters. It is ideal to store in the car locker in case of emergency. If you are left with a battery or tire on the road, after parking on the side of the road, put the lens in SOS mode on top of your car and warn the rear vehicles. Or if you need to open the hood to fix anything, hang the lens from its special cord and so with your hands you will have light in a large area.

In addition to simple home use, it is ideal for camping, sports and dozens of outdoor activities such as hunting and hiking. The ultimate tool for lovers of adventure and adrenaline.

Its extremely light and compact design makes it ideal to take with you everywhere.
It works with 3 AAA batteries and has an easy-to-use switch. The rough, non-slip handle ensures a firm grip.

Take advantage of the unique offer and get another Stark Light Flashlight completely free!

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