New Security alarm system with keypad

A safe way to keep the aspiring thieves away from your personal property

It is very easy to connect: Just screw the alarm to the wall and make sure the 2 magnet parts are close together.

When you have completed the installation, select from the 3 alarm modes:

Chime: when the alarm is in this mode, notify each time the door opens with a pleasant melody. Particularly useful if you have small children and want to watch someone open the door.
Instant: this function is to provide you with the maximum security when in the home. When the alarm is in this position and the door opens, it starts and emits a permissive sound of 110dB! In this case you will need to enter the code that deactivates the alarm.
Delay: This function is in case you are away from home. When the switch is in the "delay" position and the door opens you have 10 seconds to turn off the alarm. If this is not done, the alarm sounds a permissive sound that reaches 110dB and will stop only when you enter the security code.
It has a PANIC option that activates the alarm in case of an emergency. When the button is pressed, the siren is turned on at 110dB and switches off when you enter the security code and press the # / ON / OFF button.

It works with 3 AA batteries (not included)

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Security alarm system with keypad

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