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The starting procedure product delivery starts from the day the order is made​​, the recipient must be completed correctly the data for the speedy service.
The Market Time is not responsible for late receipt of products if it is between days holiday, in bad weather or other factors.
The delivery of a product is within 2-3 business days unless the product is out of stock, where the customer is informed directly by phone or email.
The client will be charged the shipping cost.
We can send by Customer's order command with Courier (ACS, ELTA) but will be charged further for specific services depending on weight, area and volume of the parcel.
If the Customer cancels an order when received in his place then he is charged the shipping fee.
The Customer has the right of gratuitous return of the Product and refund within 14 days of receipt, the obligation not to have used the product and have the packaging and proof of purchase him. Customer pays for the costs of returning the product.
Caution: You can order a product and get it from our store without farther charge

Transport for shipment to European countries according to total weight is:

weight (kg)

Price €

0,01 - 1,00

25,27 €

1 - 4,99

38,35 €

5 - 7

52,00 €

10 - 15

90,00 €

*prices are according to the weight of the package if the area is inaccessible then delivery may change or if the volume of the parcel is large.
Please visit to Calculate Postage for yourself.

CAUTION: If the parcel is small, tucked in an envelope and pre-paid, we can send it as a letter. Then the prices charged are as bellow table .

Prices of shipping cost for Greece, according to the total weight is:

Post Office - ELTACourier
Wight (kg)Price €Weight (kg)Price €
0,01 - 8490 €0,01 - 58,00 €
8 - 108,00 €5 - 910,00 €
10 - 1210,00 €9 - 1212,00 €
12 - 1512,00 €12 - 1414,00 €
15 - 2015,00 €15 - 2020,00 €
20+20,00 €20+40,00 €

*free shipping with purchase up to 100 €

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